CEE Fund Team

Executive Board

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Chief Development Officer
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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Financial Officer
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Chief Investment Officer
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Chief Operations Officer
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Financial Adviser
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Operations Adviser

Additional Leadership

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Senior Portfolio Manager
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VP of Education
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VP of Grants
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VP of Sales
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Director of Marketing
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Public Relations
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Development Team Liaison
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Web Administrator
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Director of Events and Logistics
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Grant Officer


Our Members

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Finance Team Analyst
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Investment Team Analyst
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Associate Member
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Development Team Intern
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Former CIO
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VP of Finance
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Finance Team Intern
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Operations Associate
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Investment Team Analyst
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Former CDO
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Development Team Member
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Finance Team Intern
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General Member
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Public Relations
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Web Administrator
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Former CFO
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General Member
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Finance Team Member
Josiah Martin's picture
Investment Team Analyst
Kalkidan Alemayehu's picture
Finance Team Intern
Nick Belden's picture
Investment Team Analyst
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Parker Hannahs's picture
Former CDO 2013-2014
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Investment Team Leader
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Development Associate
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Investment Team Analyst
Stephen Person's picture
HR Intern
Thomas Doyle's picture
Former CEO & President


Our Partners

Director of Business School
Professor of Accounting